Steps to Choosing a Day Center.

Step one: Tour the facility

 Some questions to ask yourself and/or the staff during your visit:

  • Is the facility cheerful?
  • Is the staff friendly?
  • What services and activities do they offer?
  • What is the cost?
  • What is expected of caregivers?
  • Do they offer transportation door-to-door?
  • What are their hours of operation?
  • Is the facility clean and odor free?
  • Do volunteers help out?
  • Are participants involved in planning activities or making other suggestions?
  • Are the participants treated with respect?
  • Is there a place to isolate sick persons?
  • Is the furniture comfortable and sturdy?
  • Is the facility wheelchair accessible?
  • What is the staff/participant ratio?
  • What are the credentials of the staff?


Step Two: Check references

Check references by talking to two or three people who have used the center you are considering.


Step Three: Try it out

Some facilities offer a free trial visit. Choose the day center that meets your needs and the needs of your loved one. Remember that it may take many visits before the participant feels comfortable and adjusts to the new setting and routine. Talk with the staff about how to make the transition easier