Georgia Adult Day Services Licensing Standards

The State’s adult day services licensing standards, developed after the legislature approved licensing authority in 2003, are currently voluntary due to lack of funding for the licensing agency to administer the licensing process. However, the Division of Aging Services has standards that must be met by providers in the statewide aging network who provide day services through contracts with the Area Agencies on Aging (AAA). The standards could become a part of, or serve as a basis for, future licensing regulations.

These standards for adult day services recognize two types of adult day services programs—basic social and medical—and four service delivery models. This profile describes these standards. The Division of Aging Services in the Department of Human Resources will work with the new licensing agency to develop regulations for day service operations and cooperate with the agency in administering the licensing process for the provision of adult day services as part of its non-Medicaid Home and Community- Based Services program.

Adult day health (ADH services in Georgia are offered under the Community Care Services Waiver Program, administered by the Division of Aging Services. Providers of ADH services under the wavier are required to follow specific Medicaid-only requirements for the provision of these services. Once the licensing process is operational, Medicaid ADH services providers will be required to be both licensed and enrolled with the State Department of Community Health as Medicaid providers and subject to regulations of that Department.

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